North Court

North Court T Staircase | 26

Grade: 3 Living Room: No Basin: No Network: Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: Third

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2016This room is a fair size for a grade 3 and has a nice wardrobe, chest of drawers, two chairs, window seat, and shelves above desk. Not a huge amount of storage space for storage boxes and bags etc, but just about enough (under the bed and fridge table and shelves above the hangars in the wardrobe). It has a couple of sloping ceilings, which I think are cute. The room is on the top (3rd) floor of T and looks out on some apartments and an alley to the north of North Court (not the bus station, so not too noisy). My main problem with the room is the very small window, which is tucked away in a kind of corner between a wall and a sloping ceiling, so the room doesn't get much natural light - it is fine if you keep the light on all the time though.

The room is right next to the toilets and shower and the bigger gyp room on this floor, so that's handy! The top floor of T has two gyp rooms but they're much smaller than the ones on the floor below and can get messy pretty quickly. The shower is v good (better than floor below) and the kitchen has hobs and a combi oven, so pretty good facilities :)

Overall, very nice room and staircase because it's just been renovated - it is a little worse than the other grade 3s in North Court because of the small window, but it's probably too nice to be a grade 2
2015so everything is nice and new and the hobs are handy, but this room is quite dark and colder than the other rooms, also not particularly big and up lots of stairs! the bus station isn't too noisy from here though! I think other grade 3s are nicer... but if natural light isn't a priority and you like sloping ceilings, it might be for you!
2015Looking at the other grade 3 rooms on T, I think this room should have a lower grade.