North Court

North Court Y Staircase | 11

Grade: 2 Living Room: No Basin: No Network: Wired & Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: Second

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2016Really decent sized room for a Grade 2. It's the smallest room in the staircase but has definitely been big enough for me this year, and just has a cosy feel to it. I've had two friends stay round and they both managed to sleep at the same time on the floor and reckoned they could have fit another friend in too! (Although a later friend who visited didn't understand how two people had managed to sleep on the floor as she thought there wasn't much space...)

The desk is shorter than most people's, which might be a downside if you like to spread out papers when working, and the windows aren't that big and are in a really inconvenient place to reach (above the desk and side table so you have to lean over everything and struggle with the old fashioned window closing mechanism). The windows don't seem to let in all that much natural light so I normally have the main lights all on. The only good thing about the windows is that from most angles in the room, all you can see is the sky, so no one can really see in from the street if you don't draw your curtains.

It faces onto the bus station so there is definitely street noise but that never bothered me much when trying to sleep (I'm quite a heavy sleeper and if I'm tired I'll just fall asleep immediately, but if you're a light sleeper you might want to go elsewhere). You can hear people talking/laughing in the neighbouring rooms, but I think the walls are reasonably thick so its not normally that bad.

Temperature control in the room is great. Shower and toilet facilities are decent. For some reason, the top floor (where this room is) has a tiny toilet room and shower room. As you progress down the floors, the shower/sink rooms get bigger, so if it bothers you, you can just use the shower facilities downstairs which are nicer.