North Court

North Court Y Staircase | 4

Grade: 3 Living Room: No Basin: No Network: Wired & Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: Ground

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2014This room nice, especially having been recently refurbished (2011). It is a fairly reasonable size for a grade 3, and has a window seat, as well as one casual chair and desk chair. The storage is fairly good, but not in excess.

The toilet and shower are on the same floor and shared between four so rarely have to wait. The bus station noise isn't too bad, the fridge is probably worse, but if you are really sensitive to noise you might want to avoid it. It does mean you can't open the windows without fumes/noise. You can hear the music student's room in Z, so that may or may not be a problem depending on the person. The lights and electricity are linked to your university card, which despite being extremely eco-friendly it is rather inconvenient sometimes...

The heating works well, and you have a thermostatic radiator valve so can set the temperature to taste easily, however the landing is really cold in the winter as the radiator there is woefully undersized. The kitchen is on the floor above, but is well equipped and spacious.

All in all a good room for its grade.
2009An excellent room. The noise from the bus station is minimal and there is an attractive tree which makes you believe you are living in a rural paradise. Bring your own lamps, as light is scarce, although it is only grade two. The bed is comfortable. The only really bad thing is that the sink burps, which is not very romantic.