North Court

North Court Y Staircase | 6

Grade: 5 Living Room: No Basin: No Network: Wired & Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: First

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2014Now a Grade 5 - highly recommended.

Inward facing - no bus noise, lots of nice sunlight in the morning.

Recently refurbished - curtains are not green anymore, thankfully.

Lots of storage space: chest of drawers, cupboards, and shelves.

Furniture is new.

Double doors are handy for isolating yourself (and your neighbour) in from potential staircase noise if you need an early night (rower).

Kitchen is just across the landing - well equiped with four hobs. No combi oven though unfortunately!

Nicest room in Y staircase I would say - Y5 is the mirror image of it.

Only problem is an occasionally noisy rumbling fridge. You get used to it though.
2008Quite spacious for a grade 3 - loads of storage space. Big desk and nice shelvey things in a little alcove. Recently painted, re-carpeted and re-curtained in greeny shades (not as bad as it sounds at all!!)

On same floor as toilet and shower, bath is upstairs. Gyp room (..microwave room) is downstairs.

Bus station view - not too noisy at all with double glazing - hardly notice it (though sunday mornings are a good time to air your room as the buses are way quieter on sundays!!) , might be stuffy in the summer (but i had a similar facing room last year and it was ok).

Bad points: standardly bad cooking facilities as with all of north court. Person on the floor below will probably have a piano, but again this is the case in lots of north court rooms. THE DOOR AUTOMATICALLY LOCKS IF IT ISNT LATCHED. (not exactly a bad point...but its not great to be locked out your room at 3am when a bit drunk!).

Great choice if u are low in the ballot and happy to live in college.
2006Nicely proportioned

Faces bus garagen (therefore quite noisey)

Double glazed

Newly painted (10/2005)

Green walls and carpet (carpet needs changing)

Shower/toilet next door

Gyp room down one flight of stairs

One radiator which never gets very hot

Furniture is old and unattractive

The only shelving is directly above the radiator, so this can damage book and other things you might want to put on them, such as plants or food

Distinct lack of drawers in the room

Nice curtains