North Court

North Court Z Staircase | 10

Grade: 6 Living Room: No Basin: No Network: Wired & Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: Ground

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2014Quite a nice room, as you'd expect from a grade 4; plenty big enough for everyone except the party hosts. It overlooks the road so you do hear buses and people go by, but it's not really a problem (except when they were using a pneumatic drill outside late at night) and is certainly better than the bus station. A sink would have been nice but, as the toilet and shower are just outside the door, it doesn't really matter.
2009This is a lovely room, with a huge window and the only reason i think it is a grade three is because the bus station is right outside the window. The noise isn't bothersome for the majority of the time as there is double glazing, There isn't a sink in the room, but one just outside that me and my neighbour share, which is good. Shower facilities aren't great though, but toilets are opposite the room and there is a gyp room next door.
2006Nice room, no sink though. Gets sunny in the mornings, and quite quiet because it doesn't look over the bus station.
2006Positives: Large room, good wardrobe and chest of drawers and desk, recently been decorated so nice walls and rich green carpet. Also room is pretty soundrpoof so you can play your music loudly, right next door to the kitchen.

Negatives: Its a bit dingy so you need to buy a few lamps and extra lighting, the road can be a bit noisy, low ceilings which don't bother me but if you are tall it will, no sink which can be a bit annoying.

All in all its a pretty good room.