North Court

North Court Z Staircase | 7

Grade: 6 Living Room: No Basin: No Network: Wired & Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: Ground

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2015A really good room - large window which faces onto North Court so it is really bright which is probably my favourite bit of the room. It is on the first floor not the ground as listed so people can't look in as they walk around NC. It can be a little noisy as the room below is a piano room and there is no sound insulation between floors but, that will depend on who lives there and when you are in your room etc. It is well furnished - chest of drawers, dresser with shelving, fixed wardrobe, large desk, swivel desk chair, armchair, bed, bedside table, coffee table - all new and in good condition. Gyp room is slightly smaller than the one in Y but has two hobs that work well on every floor. Plenty of showers - I think 5 in total across the staircase and I haven't had any problems with them. The card accessed power is slightly annoying but it doesn't have the card activated locks that some of the newer staircases do. All in all pretty good. It is a higher grade than the ones around it despite being the same, or very similar, size and comparable in terms of facilities. The light and lack of bus noise do make quite a bit of difference though.
2014In general, a very good room. Though keep in mind that no sink is a bit of a pain. The major issue is card access on the staircase door and cards being needed to provide power to the room, you just have to learn to keep your card on you constantly!
2006nice size for a grade 2. not that much storage, but lots of seats for having friends over. Over looks the bus stop, and no problem with people looking in. not that much noise from buses (at least it didnt bother me too much) but you do experience periodic moments of darkness as a double decker stops outside. the gritters passing by at 5am was what really got to me tho.