North Court

North Court Z Staircase | 8

Grade: 6 Living Room: No Basin: No Network: Wired & Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: Ground

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2015Nice big room. View is over the bus station which isn't the most beautiful thing in the world, but still lets in enough light. I was worried about bus noise but in practice the double glazing keeps the room pretty quiet. Currently (Lent 2015) contains:

Sofa, armchair, bed, bed-side table, two coffee tables, fridge, chest of drawers, two cupboards, a desk and 4 shelves.
2014A good room - one of the refurbished ones - still feels very new - even though its now about 5 years since it was actually done. Room is a good size, but not massive. It faces the bus station, which doesn't massively bother me, (except for the occasional bang of a bus crashing into the fence behind college!) - but is very noticeable as soon as any windows are open, and would probably disrupt light sleepers. Kitchen facilities are 2 hobs per floor of 6 people - never particularly have any problems using them - though it would be nice to have a combi oven, not just a microwave. On the floor, theres 1 shower room, 1 toilet and 1 shower/toilet. Between 6 again, I've only ever had to wander up/downstairs once or twice. Bedder is very nice and happy to be flexible on when your room is cleaned - she keeps the kitchen very tidy, which is normally very good, although occasionally results in stuff migrating to a box on the landing!

Furniture wise, it's standard. Bed. Office Chair (Swivels, but low back, so not great!), bedside table - 3 large drawers, built in wardrobe (decent size, not massive though), good above desk shelves and a big cupboard. Heating is excellent - hasn't ever broken, and is adjustable to various points between "Arctic" and "Sauna".

Overally a very nice room, especially if you can stand the noise, or have some fascination with buses?

There are some better value rooms around - Y5/6 are slightly bigger (I lived there first year) and are same grade, despite being courtyard facing. I'd also suggest the Y kitchens are better than those on Z, Although Z staircase is bigger (You have two Fellows up top, so I think 14 rooms are available vs 7/8 in Y.) Oh, and the intercoms let you speak to people, but only occasionally actually let them into your staircase, so trips to the bottom of the staircase become a fairly regular occurence!