Solidaritee Speakers Event

17th Mar

Solidaritee Speakers Event

SolidariTee has just become a registered charity and to mark the occasion, they’re hosting a speaker event in London on Sunday 17th March!

In addition to hearing from incredible speakers, they’ll be taking this opportunity to express immense gratitude to everyone who has supported us so far, release their new NGOs, and mark receiving charity status! Food and drink will be provided, and it’s a great opportunity for you to enquire about volunteering with them or their NGOs.

SolidariTee is an entirely student-led charity which raises awareness about the refugee crisis and offers grants to organisations and individuals working in this sector. SolidariTee was set up in 2017 by Tiara Sahar Ataii during her first year at Cambridge University! Now, SolidariTee has 35 teams (with over 500 representatives) across universities across the UK, US, Germany, Jordan and Australia, selling thousands of SolidariTees and hosting a variety of events.

Tickets are only £5, available in advance here:

For more details:

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