Information Regarding IT services in Emmanuel

All rooms should have a network connection available to them. All rooms in college (with the exception of Old Court) have both Wired and Wireless connections. Most rooms outside of college only have Wireless connections (a list is available here).

To connect to the Wired network you will need a network cable (available upon request from the Computing Office, also given out to Freshers' during Freshers' Week). To connect to the Wireless network you will need a wireless enabled machine: most modern laptops have this built in but desktops usually require additional hardware. The Computing Office has guides on how to connect to the networks, please make sure you read and agree to the Rules & Requirements before connecting.

Operating System Compatibility

Computers connected to the College Network must be running an operating system approved by the College - if your computer is running an older operating system, you must upgrade it before you can connect. See the table below for more information.

If you are likely to have difficulty in meeting the cost of an upgrade, you should contact the Webmaster in confidence, who will be able to help.

Operating SystemCompatible?
Windows 7 OK
Windows Vista OK
Windows XP* OK
Windows 2000/2003* Upgrade recommended, but not essential
Windows Me Upgrade required
Windows 98 Upgrade required
Windows 95 Upgrade required
Earlier versions of Windows Upgrade required
Earlier versions of the Mac OS Upgrade recommended, but not essential
GNU/Linux distributions and other operating systems OK, but please check with the Computing Manager

* - Windows XP and Windows 2000/2003 require the latest service packs to connect to the College network. These are available through Windows Update.