The Exec is responsible for making decisions about the daily business of ECSU. Each of the Exec members have specific responsibilities, which are outlined in the Constitution. The Exec meets weekly to discuss issues relating to students in Emma.

Meet this year's Exec

ECSU Exec 2017
  • President - Olivia Malmose-O'Connor
  • Vice President - Matilda Schwefel
  • Access Officer - Rhys Proud
  • Buildings & Services Officer - George Cobley
  • Disabilities Officer - Chloe Lansley
  • Careers & Education Officer - Josh Wharton
  • Ents Coordinators - Mojo Odiase & Ashwin Raj
  • Green & Ethical Officer - Isabella Kong
  • International Officer - Simina Dragos
  • Ethnic Minorities Officer - Hao Zhe Chun
  • Secretary - Matilda Spivey
  • Shop Manager - Jack Irvine
  • Treasurer - Vedanth Nair
  • Charities Officer - Anjali Gupta
  • Webmaster - Matteo Pozzi
  • Male Welfare Officer - Dan Smith
  • Female Welfare Officer - Caitlin Campbell
  • Womens' Officer - Lydia Phillips Lea
  • LGBT+ Officer - Griffin Twemlow
  • ROAR Editors - Rohan Gupta & Ewan Patel

  • Open Meetings

    The Exec members will be present at Open Meetings, where they will formally answer any questions you might have. However, if you've got a more informal or urgent question, don't hesitate to get in touch! You can find all the email addresses of each Exec member on their page, just use the menu at the top to find the member you need.

    How is the Exec formed?

    The Exec is elected on a yearly basis, at the end of Michaelmas Term. The electoral procedure is described in the Constitution. Elections will be publicised well in advance. Any student at Emmanuel can stand for election including Freshers.