Freshers' Week Information

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Fresher Reps

Olivia Malmose O'Connor

Hey Future Freshers!

I’m Liv a second year HSPS student (Human Social and Political Sciences, don’t worry most people have no idea what it is, it’s basically politics). I’ve had an amazing first year at Emma and I’m so excited to be one of your freshers’ reps this year!

From ducklings in the spring, to the pool in the summer and the free laundry all year round you’ve definitely chosen the right college. Emma is known as the friendly college for a reason, the accommodation is really sociable and the student run bar is a great place to relax in the evenings. But college is full of all sorts of amazing things to get involved in, I’ve loved playing for the Mixed Netball team this year but there’s also rowing, hockey, squash, the Freshers’ Play, plenty of tea and cake events and so much more. And don’t worry there’s still time amongst the hectic Cambridge schedule to keep up with Netflix (hit me up for any TV recommendations).

We know moving to a new place can be quite daunting but we’re here to answer any questions, no matter how small (I know I was weirdly stressed about the colour the walls of my room would be). Message me directly on Facebook or, once you get here I’m always around for a comforting tea and bagel.

We’ve had so much fun planning your freshers’ week and can’t wait for you to arrive in October. Join the Emmanuel College Freshers’ Group for more information coming soon…… (ooo exciting)……

Congratulations on getting your offer (It’s no mean feat and you should be extremely proud)! Hopefully you’re excited to join us soon!

Liv xx

Sammie Ruston

Hey Freshers!!

I’m Sammie and I’m one of the four fantastic Frepresentatives (Freshers’ Rep) for you all this year!

Congrats to all of you for making it here, it was worth every second of work I promise. Emma is an amazing place to be and I hope you guys have as great a first year as I did. I’m studying History of Art but I also do a lot of not studying; the opportunities in Emma and the wider university are incredible so you really can find anything to get involved with.

Whilst Emma is awesome, it can be a huge change so we’re here to make your first few weeks in Cambridge as smooth and easy as possible. Please feel free to get in touch with absolutely anything – you can contact me on Facebook or email me at Also make sure to join the Emmanuel College Freshers’ 2017-18 Page on Facebook for updates and other cool stuff.

So excited to meet you all and get hyped for Freshers’ Week and an amazing year! Frep love x

Callum Swanston

Hey Freshers!!

I’m Callum and I’ve really enjoyed my first year at Emma doing Geography.

I enjoy playing football for the Emma second team, a bit of rowing and I’m part of the college Green Ducks society. I’ve found sport a great thing to be involved in during my first year, just for general de-stressing but the social side can’t be beat!. The good thing about college sport is that there is a level available to everyone, if you’ve never played a certain sport or have been doing it for years.

Emma’s as central as you can be in the city, but the college grounds are still gorgeous, not to forget te free laundry! Cambridge can seem daunting because of its tradition and quirky ways, but Emma is a really welcoming environment that felt like home straight away. We have our own student-run college bar which is a great chill-out space in the evenings, right in the middle of Old South accommodation.

We have an official Emma freshers’ page on Facebook where a lot of information about freshers’ week will be posted, so please feel free to ask questions on the page or message myself and the other freps; Olivia, Sammie and Ellie - we’re here to help after all, and we’ve been through the same process. I hope you’re buzzing for the super exciting freshers’ week we’ve got in store for you!

Callum xx

Ellie Cole

Hello, Hello, wonderful freshers!

I’m Ellie, I study Theology and am one of the four new reps for your freshers’ week and beyond. In college, there is such a great atmosphere and loads to do but I have also really enjoyed getting the chance to meet people in different years at other colleges by being in a few plays over the course of first year and being on the CUADC committee.

I will admit that I chose Emma on a bit of a whim, having never seen it before I applied, but I am so glad I did because I can’t imagine having picked anywhere better! We have ducks, the friendliest porters in the world, tea and cake regularly on offer and there was even a section in Cosmopolitan about how amazing it is that we get our laundry done for us for free (which effectively means there is nationwide recognition that our college is the best). Emma is unbelievably convenient in terms of location. I would say it’s because we’re really close to shops, supermarkets, lectures and clubs, but it’s mainly because it less than 5 minutes from ‘Van of Life’, a haven that you will come to know and love all too quickly…

I hope that you are all feeling excited about coming to university. It can be entirely terrifying but there are loads of people here to help to make sure that you feel as comfortable and at home as quickly as possible! Please feel free to contact any of the freps at any point, we really are very friendly and unfeasibly keen so there is no question is too big or small (I emailed college before I came to ask what colour the blinds in my room would be so that I could choose cushions accordingly. Trust me when I say I’m not going to judge.)

See y’all soon!

Lots of love xo