Will Dorrell

Assistant ECSU Treasurer

Hi, I'm Will, a second year NatSci from Worcester.
It's my role to allocate ECSU funding to societies within college and to support the rest of the ECSU committe. Society funding opens at the beginning of each term, but don't worry, I'll be violently posting left, right and centre to make sure you don't miss it.

My plans this year centre around making the treasury more transparent. This mainly comprises setting out clearly what we want to achieve through our funding; which will hopefully allow the applications to meet our targets more directly. In addition we have introduced a feedback system, every application receives an email confirming their outcome and I run a surgery in the bar after the funding session for angry parties to settle any issues. Hopefully this will ensure no-one is left bitter or angry about the process.

That's all from me but if you have any ideas or questions please feel free to email or message me (crsid = wd265).

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