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Welcome to ECSU

Emmanuel College Students' Union, or ECSU for short, is the representative body for students at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. The daily business of ECSU is managed by the Committee, whose members have specific responsibilities and are elected on a yearly basis at the end of Michaelmas Term.

What Does ECSU Do?


We sit on college committees at every level of decision-making, representing student perspectives. At Cambridge SU councils & forums, we provide a voice for Emma students on issues affecting the University.


As well as being an initial port-of-call, we produce a comprehensive timetable of welfare events each term. Our liberation officers play a key role in welfare, helping us to truly address intersectionality.


We run initiatives such as Access Bus, encouraging the brightest students to apply regardless of background, and work on post-admissions access, tackling elitism & privilege experienced by current students.


We fundraise for charities, campaign for ethical and environmentally sustainable practices, and advocate on behalf of marginalised students, fighting for a college and university that is more equal for all.

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