Unlocked Graduates

Before 31st of January

Unlocked Graduates

Unlocked Graduates wants to create a generation of future leaders who will change how we think about prisons and prisoners by focusing on rehabilitation and addressing the terrible damage and cost of reoffending.

Currently, 44% of prisoners reoffend within 12 months of release, creating yet more victims, causing untold damage, and costing the UK more than £15bn. Graduates joining Unlocked will help to tackle this. They will develop as inspirational leaders, capable of changing behaviour and supporting prisoners to make positive choices. They will also acquire skills and experiences that transfer to other employment and leadership settings, whilst working towards a fully-funded master’s qualification.

After the two-year programme, Unlocked graduates will be part of a network of informed advocates for change, influencing perceptions of prisoners and supporting the creation of further opportunities for them to reintegrate with society. Unlocked is supported by a number of prestigious organisations who recognise the importance of its mission and quality of its leadership development programme and participants.

If you are interested in working with me to support more applicants from Cambridge in the coming year, I would love to hear from you

Our final deadline for this year is 31st January.

Lauren Cooper

Recruitment Officer
Unlocked Graduates

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