1584 Dinner

February 10, 2020 6:00 PM - 4 hours
Category: ECSU

1584 Dinner

Location: Hall

Officer: Jerry (Vice President)

The Master and Fellows of Emmanuel College are pleased to invite you to a special dinner on Monday 10 February. All second-year undergraduates are invited, and the dinner marks the exact half-way point in a three-year degree. We call it the 1584 Dinner: this is the year Emmanuel was founded, and we want you to join us in celebrating our history and feeling part of the wider college community of which you will always be a member.

There will be a special exhibition of the College charter, first statutes, grant of arms and early admissions register in the Graham Watson Room in the library before dinner (6pm to 7pm) which we hope you will enjoy visiting. Pre-dinner drinks will be served in the Old Library from 7pm with dinner following at 7.30pm.

The dress code for the event is the same as for matriculation –

Either: Gown and a plain dark suit with a white shirt, tie and black shoes

Or: Gown and a plain dark dress or suit with skirt or trousers with a white blouse and black shoes

Emma Bar will be reserved for second-years after the 1584 Dinner.

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