Athletics & Cross Country

Athletics is one of the few sports where there really IS something for everyone, whether that be running, jumping, vaulting or throwing! Due to there being a wide range of events in athletics, training is coordinated by the University athletics club,CUAC. Everyone is welcome to come to any training sessions, and the committment level is as much or as little as you wish. Currently in CUAC there are athletes of all abilities and experience: those who run purely for fitness right up to several who compete at international level. We have excellent, modern facilities, and the track is conveniently right next to the Emma sports grounds on Wilberforce Road.

There are two main inter-collegiate cuppers competitions during the year: a normal individual competition in October, and a relays competition in February; each of these is used to as the main selection meeting for inter-varsity competitions (against Oxford) in November and March respectively. Recently, Emma athletes have been doing very well in cuppers - the men coming 7th and the women 3rd. The main Varsity Match takes place half way through Easter term, this year on 21st May. Anyone can be considered for selection for the varsity team - it’s never too late to start, and you might surprise yourself at how good you are!
For more information on college or university track and field, please contact gmc36, Emma Athletics Captain and CUAC Women’s Captain. For information about cross country and long distance running, please contact rak41, or visit the Hare and Hounds website.

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