Five Best Things About Emma


Emma is a friendly, lively college. People from other colleges say nice things about us! Students here come from all over the country and the world. We have a really strong college spirit, where everyone goes out of the way to help and support each other, and there are very good relations between students and staff.

Location and grounds

Emma has the perfect location. We're central, but occupy a spacious site that's off the tourist trail. We're right next door to the city centre, with all of Cambridge's main shops, bars and restaurants, and many of the departments and lecture sites (about 200 metres for the scientists!) Yeah, it's a while from the river and the University Library but we're spared the coachloads of tourists that plague Cambridge in the summer and we love our duck pond!

We also have an outdoor swimming pool for use in summer term and squash courts on site which are free to use.


There are only 150 students per year, so Emma's small enough that you'll get to know most people by the end of your first year. However, with over 600 students (including around 100 graduates) it's also big enough to avoid getting constantly gossiped about. It's big enough so that you don't feel smothered, but small enough so that you don't feel anonymous.

Academic Record

Emma has a really strong academic record. This means that the quality of teaching is generally very high, and that it's harder to slack off as the college really cares about how we're doing. Nearly everyone at Emma does well in their exams.


You get accommodation for your entire undergraduate career, including the fourth year. Compared to other colleges, rents are reasonable, and works out really cheap compared to other universities because we're only paying for three 8 week terms - we don't pay during the holidays. Rooms vary in size and cost, but they're all of a good standard, including a bed, wardrobe, desk, access to a fridge, a comfy chair, and desk light.