Here you’ll find a (non-exclusive) list of terms used by students at Cambridge.

Term Definition
Arch ‘n’ Anth Short for Archaelogy and Anthropology
The Backs Big grassy areas behind the colleges on the river
Boaties People who row, and generally seem to have to get up early in the morning to do it
Catz St Catharine’s College
Cindies A local night club in Lion Yard - Officially called Ballare - but everyone knows it as Cindies
Compsci Computer Scientist
CUSU Cambridge University Students’ Union
Easter Term Also known as Exam Term - the term between Easter and the Long Vacation
Emma Emmanuel College
Exec The Executive - a group elected by the members of ECSU who take on specific responsibilities
Fitz Fitzwilliam College
Full term The 8-9 weeks that you must be in residence in Cambridge to qualify for a degree
Gyp room Room in which the (now extinct) College manservants (Gyps) sat. Name given to the kitchens on the staircases.
Jester The Jester is the smiley sculpture in the Emma Paddock
LEA Local Education Authority
Mathmo Mathematician
May Ball All-night decadent black tie event put on by many of the colleges in June
MCR Middle Combination Room - refers either to the graduate common room, or the representative body for graduate students.
NPR Normal Period of Residence - the ten weeks of term that you pay for room rental (even if you are not there for the full 10 weeks)
P’hole, Pidge Pigeonhole - where you pick up your post
Punting Exploit this in the summer, as you may well get very wet; involves propelling yourself along the river with a wooden pole, whilst standing on a flat wooden boat
Roar! Weekly Emmanuel College newsletter
Squash Society event at the beginning of term to try and make you join them, usually with free drinks
Undergrad Undergraduate
Van of Death The kebab van on the South of Market Square - visit at your peril!