The BME Community in Emma

There is a Facebook group for BME individuals in Emma, where all sorts of fun activities are advertised, such as upcoming talks, forums or workshops on decolonisation and various other BME-centric topics. On top of that, occasional formals held by various BME Officers across Cambridge and BME-centric plays will be advertised in the group!

The Facebook group is moderated by the BME Officer, who serves to represent BME students both in ECSU and to college. Their role involves representation, so any concerns you have as a BME student should be brought up to them to facilitate discussion within ECSU!

The BME Officer can be contacted at, including any confidential concerns, help and advice that arise during your time in Emmanuel, or to simply join the super-fun Emma Ethnic Minorities (EM) Group!

The BME Community in Cambridge

CUSU BME Campaign is an autonomous platform that exists to voice the concerns of Ethnic Minority students, both graduate and undergraduate, at the University of Cambridge. The campaign runs events during Fresher’s Week for meet and greet, and various events throughout the year ranging from discussions to chill socials.

Find out more at their Facebook page:

OR join the CUSU BME Facebook group:

On top of that there is a Facebook group dedicated to sharing BME-centric theatre events, which can be found here:

What do I do if I’m being discriminated against?

The University has a helpful website for reporting any discrimination faced by students, which can be found here:

On top of the University, your tutor will always be available for any welfare support. Failing that, the BME Officer can assist in finding ways to get help from college or the university.

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