Key Information Regarding the Exam Period

Easter term is here at last, which means that the sun is shining, there are loads of fluffy little ducklings everywhere… and the exams are here. But don’t worry because ECSU are here to make sure that this term is a stress free as possible. We’ve got lots of activities to help you prepare for your exams, revise effectively and also relax when it all gets a bit too much. So stop worrying and sit back and enjoy the weather, because we’ve got this term sorted for you.

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Exam Tips

  • Don’t Panic!
  • Think positively
  • Take plenty of time out to do what you want to do, whether that’s exercise, sunbathing or just chilling
  • Try to get out of college now and then to remind yourself that there is another world out there
  • If one exam goes badly, try to forget about it and focus on the next exam
  • Don’t talk about revision when you’re going out with your friends
  • Try to ignore people who stress you out
  • Do things your way; don’t be swayed by what other people are doing
  • Remember, you are worth more than your exams

Further Information

If you are having any problems at all the most important thing is not to struggle on your own. There are loads of support services available, from internet sites which help you revise to trained counsellors.

The two most important sources of help are your Tutor and your Director of Studies. These are your first contacts in any problem. Below is a list of some other useful contacts.

College staff:

Other useful contacts:

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