Drugs and Alcohol

If either you or a friend are having any sort of drug or alcohol related problems there are lots of sources of support and information available.>You can always talk to your tutor or the College Nurse about any issues which may be concerning you. You can also approach the University Counselling Service.There are many different national and local organisations that you can contact confidentially for information or support on dependency issues.


Information and support about problems with drinking.


Provides counselling, education and support for those with alcohol problems or their family and friends.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Bridge Project Drug Advice Centre

  • Confidential, non judgemental information and treatment service for those having problems with drugs, in particular with recreational or softer drugs.
  • Non-prescribing, therapeutic counselling by experienced addiction counsellors from nurse trained backgrounds.
  • Self-referrals welcome, drop-in or phone.

Cambridge Drug and Alcohol Service

Treatment and counselling for people suffering from drug, alcohol or tranquilliser dependency, in particular to people with problems with harder drugs such as heroin and cocaine.

Referrals can be made through GP or self-referral.

National Drugs Helpline

Information and support about drugs.

University Counselling Service

Free confidential counselling service for students. Useful leaflets available from the offices or on the website.

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