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Morning After Pill

Morning after pills are available in multiple locations around Cambridge. Please note though that only certain pharmacists are allowed to give these out for free and you will have to have a quick chat to the pharmacist/doctor as you would when purchasing any prescription morning after pill.

  • Boots (28 Petty Cury) - 01223 350 213 - recommended visiting hours are between 8 and 10am or 6 to 8pm as these are the times when the shop is least busy. There should always be a pharmacist who can issue free emergency contraception.
  • Superdrug at 38a Fitzroy St. - 01223 366 376 - near the Grafton centre. The pill is on sale for £26, but not available as a free prescription.
  • Superdrug at 59 Sidney Street - 01223 362 499 - near big Sainsburys.
  • Superdrug at 59 Sidney Street - 01223 362 499 - near big Sainsburys.
  • Available from a pharmacist called Alida on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at no cost.
  • Boots in the Grafton centre - 01223 302 576 - emergency contraception is available 7 days a week before 3.30 from any of the pharmacists.
  • Boots on 320 Newmarket Rd - 01223 357 487 - there is always a pharmacist available who can issue a prescription for free emergency contraception

Request an Pregnancy Kit

If you would like to request a free anonymous pregnancy test, please do so Here. No personal information about you is collected; we will simply ask the Women’s Officer to place a free pregnancy test inside an envelope in her pigeonhole for you to collect.

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