About ECSU

Emmanuel College Students’ Union, or ECSU, is the representative body for undergraduate students at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. The daily business of ECSU is managed by the Committee, whose members have specific responsibilities and are elected on a yearly basis at the end of Michaelmas Term.

• We represent student perspectives and views on college committees, speaking up for undergraduates at every level of decision-making and governance.

• We produce a comprehensive timetable of welfare provisions each term, from drop-in sessions to pub quizzes in the bar.

• We sit on Cambridge SU councils and forums, ensuring that Emmanuel students are heard on broader issues affecting the University.

• We work on access initiatives, dispelling myths about Cambridge and ensuring that the brightest students apply regardless of socioeconomic status or background.

• We provide financial support to clubs and societies, and fundraise for local, national, and international charities chosen by the student body.

• We campaign for more ethical and environmentally sustainable practices in college, so that Emmanuel can lead the way in dealing with the climate crisis.

• We are proud to recognise that liberation and welfare go hand in hand, and work accordingly - with intersectionality in mind in everything we do - to ensure that Emmanuel is a community that everyone can feel safe and welcome in, regardless of race, nationality, gender, sexuality, or disability.

ECSU Presidents & Vice Presidents (since 2004)


Sophie Adelman (President)
Charlotte Sainsbury (Vice President)


Peter Parkes (President)
Arthee Yogendran (Vice President)


Ben Wallwork (President)
Sarah Johnson (Vice President)


Alexander Tindale (President)
Claire Tarn (Vice President)


Grace Jackson (President)
Aisling O’Dwyer (Vice President)


Seb Yoe (President)
Zing Tsjeng (Vice President)


Luke Montague (President)
Vidur Khanna (Vice President)


Alison Underwood (President)
Poppy Gould (Vice President)


Chris Humpleby (President)
Chloe Maine (Vice President)


Jessi Reilly (President)
Harry Hickmore (Vice President)


Matt Hitchens (President)
Phoebe Weller (Vice President)


Becky Hart (President)
Alina Khakoo (Vice President - Lent, Easter)
Charlie Mercer (Vice President - Michaelmas)


Katie Craven (President)
Kavish Shah (Vice President)


Connor MacDonald (President)
Tom George (Vice President)


Katie Nelson (President - Lent, Easter)
Olivia Malmose O’Connor (Vice President - Lent, Easter; President - Michaelmas)
Matilda Schwefel (Vice President - Michaelmas)


Matilda Schwefel (President)
Colin Kaljee (Vice President)


Harriet Hards (President)
Jerry Chen (Vice President)


Charlotte McGuire (President)
Sawen Ali (Vice President)

Email vicepresident@ecsu.org.uk if you would like to correct any errors or add to our record.

Emmanuel College

Emmanuel College, founded in 1584, is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Cambridge. It is well-known and popular among students, having earned the well-deserved reputation of being a “friendly” college. Emmanuel is in the heart of Cambridge, in a main shopping area, yet is off the tourist track and never feels crowded or pressured. It is one of the larger colleges in Cambridge with a community of more than 600 people. At its head is the Master - Dame Fiona Reynolds; there are some 80 Fellows, around 450 undergraduates and some 150 graduate students in residence at any one time, and a large permanent staff.

University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is one of the larger universities in the UK, and is the second oldest university in the United Kingdom. It is a world-class leader in both teaching and research with many well-known alumni.


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