Information Regarding Emmanuel Accommodation

Accommodation information for prospective students can be found Here

All undergraduates are guaranteed accommodation, either in College or in a property owned and serviced by College, for the duration of their undergraduate course.

Room Balloting

  • Balloting is the process of deciding room allocation for second and third years.
  • You can ballot alone or in groups of up to four. Groups (and any individual names) are then picked from a hat and a random ballot list is drawn up. This determines the order in which you pick your rooms. The order for second year is then reversed in third year, so those who get last pick in second year will have first pick in third year.
  • Third years pick their rooms first and tend to live in college, in Old Court, New Court, Park Terrace or Hostel. Second years then pick from the remaining rooms and tend to live out of college in Warkworth or Blantyre, or in smaller rooms in college, for example East Court.
  • If you have any questions about balloting, please contact the Buildings and Services Officer.

Room Database

Accommodation for Graduate Students

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