Cost Information for accommodation in Emmanuel College

The rents listed below encompass all costs of living in college during the three terms. Unlike some other college there is no additional kitchen fixed charge (lump sum in order to use get college food at discounted prices), bills or laundry costs (Free laundry done for you). Rents should increase by roughly 3% (in line with the RPI) each academic year. Undergraduates pay rent for 10 weeks per term, which includes a week either side of the 8 week block of lectures.

Usually almost all of the rooms allocated to undergraduates are grades 3 to 6. College will ensure that, in the room balloting, the possibility of taking a room at a grade no higher than 5 is available to each student. This also means under circumstances where you require a more expensive room (eg health reasons) there are routes you can take through your tutor to get funding.

The College does not normally levy any additional charges in respect of the accommodation that it provides and the cost of laundry, cleaning, heating and lighting, basic contents insurance and the computer network is included within the rent figures set out below.

Please note that for graduate students commencing courses in 2017/18 the rent calculation will vary a little from that set out above. The rent charged on graduate rooms is also set on the basis of 8 grades but the rent varies with the distance of a graduate house from the main College site. The room rent for each grade of room occupied by a graduate student commencing his or her course in 2017/18 will, for the duration of that course, be linked to RPI in the manner outlined above.

Below is the room rents for each grade over the past few years.

Grade (2016/7) Per Week (2017/8) Per Week (2018/9) Per Week (2019/20) Per Week
1 £108.80 £112.00 £116.55 £121.20
2 £117.50 £120.90 £125.90 £130.90
3 £126.10 £129.90 £135.20 £140.60
4 £134.80 £138.80 £144.60 £150.40
5 £143.50 £147.80 £153.90 £160.00
6 £152.20 £157.60 £163.25 £169.80
7 £160.80 £165.60 £172.60 £179.50
8 £169.50 £174.60 £181.90 £189.20
Outside NPR £13.40 Per Day TBA £14.30 Per Day TBA

This works out at £4512 a year for a grade 4 (most common room) in 2019/20

See also: Emmanuel College Website - Room Rents

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