Room Booking Guidelines

Information regarding room bookings with College

Due to some particular issues that students have had with hosting events in College, ECSU thought it was important to lay down a few guidelines, to make sure that the bills you receive from College are reasonable and what you asked for.

  1. Ask for specific cost breakdowns when booking a room. (ie the exact price of each item you expect to purchase).
  2. Ask for a specific total cost of the event booking beforehand with catering.
  3. Confirm 2. in writing with the catering department.
  4. If there are any discounts (ie a fellow in attendance, an event for charity) that apply, indicate them on the booking form to College.
  5. CC the bursary and catering staff into a final email detailing the event and the expected cost from your [student] end.

If you still have issues with anyone on College staff, even after you implement these guidelines, then you have very strong grounds to dispute any bill or invoice you may receive.

If you have any questions or concerns about the above, please contact the President at

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