College Parents

Information Regarding College Parents

College Parents are a system used across Cambridge to help ease Freshers into their new life at University.

In Emmanuel College, College Parents are two students who are currently reading different degrees in their third year. They will be there on the first day a Fresher comes to Emmanuel to help them to settle in, and will be there throughout Freshers’ Week to support students as they acclimatise to Cambridge.


Students may become college parents in their third year of studies at Cambridge. In order to do so, the following criteria must be fulfilled:

  • Students can only ‘marry’ another student from a different degree discipline. This is to enrich the experience shared by the couple, for the benefit of college children
  • Students entering a college marriage should not be in a relationship
  • Students who would like college children should submit their applications to the college in the third term of their second year.

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