Society Funding

Information Regarding Society Funding

Who can apply for funding?

ECSU accepts funding applications from all clubs and societies which are run primarily or exclusively for current Emmanuel undergraduates. Both new and existing clubs may apply for funding.

When do I apply for funding?

Applications open at the beginning of Michaelmas and Lent term, for a week.

How do I apply?

Look out for an ECSU Committee FB post / email from the Treasurer.

What information do I need?

You need to be able to provide at least two contacts for your club, your club’s bank account details and details of any expected costs. If you don’t have bank account set up yet, please contact the Treasurer.

What does ECSU do with my application?

Once all applications have been received, then the allocation committee (the Treasurer, Vice-President and President of ECSU) meet to allocate funding. Once funding levels have been decided, the Treasurer will then contact all those who applied for funding, informing them how much funding they have received. Money should be in society bank accounts within a couple of weeks of the allocation committee meeting.

How do ECSU decide how much to allocate to clubs and societies?

ECSU has around £6000 / year to allocate clubs and societies, but our funding request amount to around £12000 / year. To allocate scarce resources against multiple needs, the allocation committee follow the funding guidelines set out in the ECSU constitution:

ECSU will fund societies more the more of these criteria they fulfil.

  • Regular meetings should be run throughout the term if not the year, a continued existence in the summer term is preferable but seasonal considerations are of course understood.
  • The society should be open to all Emmanuel undergraduates. In the context of sports teams or musical groups this means holding trials/auditions open to everyone even if only the best are then chosen. The exception to this principle is gender specific sports.
  • Societies should advertise their presence and actively look for more members, for example by running a stall at the freshers’ fair.
  • The funding should be necessary for the running of the club.
  • Curricular based societies are not funded. There is a grey area within this but for example a club that goes through Tripos questions or the course will not be funded while a Union style debating set up might well be despite the clear links to HSPS.
  • The larger the society in terms of involvement the better.

In addition:

  • Past funding of societies will be considered.
  • Societies with higher than average costs per person should not be surprised if their members are asked to provide a subscription towards their relatively expensive hobby.
  • ECSU will meet essential needs (e.g. cuppers and league fees) before less essential needs (e.g. equipment, refreshments)

What should I do if my club suddenly needs more money?

If the amounts allocated simply aren’t enough for your club to function, your club incurs unexpected costs or runs out of money, then please contact the Treasurer.

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